Moving in to Your New Home

Moving Can Be Tough

Deciding to move to a new city can be a difficult decision. One that comes with many stressful questions: should you cart your furniture across state lines, will I be able to afford my own apartment, how will I meet new people?

On top of this, if you move into a new apartment, you’ll have to deal with the headaches of utility bills, dealing with the internet provider - all things that can lead to big headaches.

Making the decision to move into Founder House takes away all of those unnecessary worries and provides you with a simple application and move-in process.

“The process was really smooth” -- Emily

“I would say tyour entire on-boarding process is simple for the tenants. Every step of the way is seamless and mindfully informative.” -- Anthony

Your New Home is Ready to Go

You don’t have to worry about furnishing a room, buying curtains, dishes, or anything! Just bring your suitcase and a pillow and we’ll provide the rest. After a long flight or a trip across town on the subway, you’ll get to make yourself at home in your fully equipped bedroom. Unpack your things, sign onto our wifi network and you’re ready to go!

Screenshot 2016-12-12 21.29.02.png

“The things that I brought: a suitcase full of clothes, my laptop and not much else!” -- Fabio

“Things to bring that made it easy: as little as possible.” -- Emily

“You really just need yourself, clothes, and ideas upon move in!” -- Anthony

All the Comforts of Home

Besides providing all of the furniture, we provide the sustenance to keep you going. Perk up by sharing a pot of coffee in the kitchen. Or, make some conversation while get your daily dose of vitamin C by eating some of the fresh fruit provided as a perk of being a part of Founder House.
Feel like checking out the neighborhood? Our homes are located in areas close to parks and business with plenty to do and see, but we are also close to public transportation -- making it easy for you to get around NYC.


“The things that made it easy : the awesome house managers, the furnished rooms and common areas.” -- Fabio, 

“I love being a few steps away from the subway station.” --Fabio

Forging Friendships

One of the toughest parts about moving can be leaving behind your friends and family. At Founder House, you’ll instantly become part of a welcoming community of friends. We have common areas in all of our homes where people socialize and collaborate on ideas.


In addition, each of our homes has a House Leader who keeps the house running smoothly and organizes weekly events for the house to keep you fed, entertained, and connected. Every Friday we get together for a happy hour event that sometimes turns into karaoke night at our Manhattan location or might make a twist into a puzzle night at our Bed-Stuy location. Any direction that evening turns, one thing is the same: we end up spend time with some great people!

Whether you’re looking for someone to brunch with, a partner to catch the latest flick, or just some friends who are willing to stay up all night working with you, our houses are filled with awesome members waiting to welcome you.

“it’s like a couple steps away from being a utopian society” -- Anthony

“How welcoming everyone was! People helped me carry stuff up the stairs when I moved in and immediately made me feel like a part of the community.” -- Emily