7 Things to do in NYC!

With endless possibilities of things to do in New York City, planning a trip may seem hectic. So we’ve compiled a list of seven must-experience things that are not typically on a sightseeing tour.

1.     Boozy Brunch

The first activity on our list is definitely a must do. With so many fancy restaurants that offer BYOB (bring your own beverage) and Bottomless Drink options, you can never go wrong with a New York City brunch.

If you want to support a small local restaurant with great food and amazing service, check out Tartine Café in West Village.


If you want a great atmosphere and amazing bottomless drinks, check out Carroll Place in Greenwich Village!

2.     Check out all the cool stores

NYC is filled with eccentric people and unique places. You’re bound to find something interesting while exploring the streets: we recommend visiting Enchantments Inc, the oldest witchcraft store in NYC. They sell anything from books to custom carved candles engraved with special spells.

3.     Happy Hour

Take advantage of the happy hour deals all over the city! Our personal favorite is at Amelie Wine Bar in West Village. From 5-7pm, you can get three glasses of their amazing wines for just $10! Definitely an incredible deal for high quality drinks.


4.     Cheap Pubs

A visit to the city means you’re bound to spend some money. Instead of heading out to expensive clubs and bars, why not try out a pub? The pub 123 Burger Shot Beer offers $1 Burgers, $2 Shots, and $3 Beers… not surprising. Get great deals on food and drinks while saving some money and still having a blast!


5.     Central Park!

The only thing on our list that is stereotypical sightseeing, but Central Park is a must-see place whether you are a local or a visitor. From ice skating to going on carnival rides to just taking a walk, Central Park’s breathe taking views are an essential to see.


6.     Korea Town

New York City is a hub of people from all over the world (just like Founder House). To experience these different cultures, we recommend checking out Korea Town! From getting delicious Korean barbecue to singing Karaoke, Korea Town attracts tourists and locals alike for its amazing food and activities. The streets are lined with Korean cosmetic stores, bakeries, and restaurants; it’s never a dull time in Korea Town.

7.     Pizza!!

You can’t complete a NYC trip without at least trying a slice of their famous pizza. Although any dollar slice pizza will do, you have to visit the infamous Joe’s pizza in West Village where movies like Spiderman were filmed. Their walls are lined with pictures of celebrities who’ve eaten at Joe’s and once you try a slice of their pizza, you’ll realize why!