Founder House is now TRIBE!

In 2015, we as started as Founder House, a coliving community for entrepreneurs. By bringing a bunch of entrepreneurs together in one house, we saw it create an incredible amount of value for our members that extended far beyond just housing - many new friendships, connections, companies and jobs were created because of it.

Then we realized that we could do the same thing for not just for entrepreneurs, but for any interest group. So we expanded our horizons and started a new company...


TRIBE is the platform for interest-based coliving.

But what does 'interest-based coliving' mean, and why does it matter?

It means that we help you find a group of people to live with that is most aligned with your interests.

It matters because people are most successful when they form close friendships with people who share their interests.

TRIBE is the easiest way to form lots of close friendships with people who share your interests, helping you soar to greater heights than ever before.

This isn't just about changing housing – it's about 10x the size and strength of peoples’ networks, and consequently their levels of success and happiness in life. All without you ever having to leave home.

That's what TRIBE is all about.

Welcome to TRIBE.