Founder House is now TRIBE!

In 2015, we as started as Founder House, a coliving community for entrepreneurs. By bringing a bunch of entrepreneurs together in one house, we saw it create an incredible amount of value for our members that extended far beyond just housing - many new friendships, connections, companies and jobs were created because of it.

Then we realized that we could do the same thing for not just for entrepreneurs, but for any interest group. So we expanded our horizons and started a new company...


TRIBE is the platform for interest-based coliving.

But what does 'interest-based coliving' mean, and why does it matter?

It means that we help you find a group of people to live with that is most aligned with your interests.

It matters because people are most successful when they form close friendships with people who share their interests.

TRIBE is the easiest way to form lots of close friendships with people who share your interests, helping you soar to greater heights than ever before.

This isn't just about changing housing – it's about 10x the size and strength of peoples’ networks, and consequently their levels of success and happiness in life. All without you ever having to leave home.

That's what TRIBE is all about.

Welcome to TRIBE.


What to Do in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a borough of New York filled with culture, history, trendy cafes, restaurants, stores, and activities. Founder Houses has several locations in this lovely borough Brooklyn - here are six things to do:


1.     Smorgasburg

Probably the most popular attraction in Brooklyn, Smorgasburg brings 75+ food venues to Williamsburg and Prospect Park on the weekends. Not only do you get to enjoy delicious foods of all sorts of variety, but you can also enjoy the view while eating! Don’t forget to take Instagram worthy pictures!


2.     Prospect Park

Prospect Park is the largest park in Brooklyn with countless of activities and beautiful sights. Enjoy a stroll in the park, a picnic on the lawn, a baseball game on the fields, or even a barbecue at the grill. Want to go to the Zoo? How about a boat ride? Perfect for a sunny day in the summer! Don't forget, the Botanic Gardens are close by!


3.     Williamsburg

Proudly touted as Hipster central, Williamsburg is filled with lively crowds and stores. Enjoy the city skyline views across the river and wander into the streets filled with cafes, restaurants, and stores. Also make sure you check out the street art plastered across the walls!

4.     Thrift Shopping

Brooklyn is one of the best places to go thrift shopping to find hidden gems. Venture into stores like Urban Jungle and No Relations Vintage Store to find vintage pieces to complete your closet on a budget!

5.     Cosy Cafes

Cafes can be found on almost every corner of Brooklyn. However, our personal favorite around our Bedstuy location is MacDonough Café. Not only do they have delicious coffee, smoothies, and sandwiches, but they also have a great atmosphere for working and chilling. Definitely a go-to spot! 


6.     Dumbo

An iconic newer neighborhood in Brooklyn, Dumbo is home to the oh-so-famous Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridges. Make sure to take a pitstop in the lighthouse for some great ice cream! Take your own version of this famous photo and explore the hometown of Daniel Humphrey from the Gossip Girl series!


7 Things to do in NYC!

With endless possibilities of things to do in New York City, planning a trip may seem hectic. So we’ve compiled a list of seven must-experience things that are not typically on a sightseeing tour.

1.     Boozy Brunch

The first activity on our list is definitely a must do. With so many fancy restaurants that offer BYOB (bring your own beverage) and Bottomless Drink options, you can never go wrong with a New York City brunch.

If you want to support a small local restaurant with great food and amazing service, check out Tartine Café in West Village.


If you want a great atmosphere and amazing bottomless drinks, check out Carroll Place in Greenwich Village!

2.     Check out all the cool stores

NYC is filled with eccentric people and unique places. You’re bound to find something interesting while exploring the streets: we recommend visiting Enchantments Inc, the oldest witchcraft store in NYC. They sell anything from books to custom carved candles engraved with special spells.

3.     Happy Hour

Take advantage of the happy hour deals all over the city! Our personal favorite is at Amelie Wine Bar in West Village. From 5-7pm, you can get three glasses of their amazing wines for just $10! Definitely an incredible deal for high quality drinks.


4.     Cheap Pubs

A visit to the city means you’re bound to spend some money. Instead of heading out to expensive clubs and bars, why not try out a pub? The pub 123 Burger Shot Beer offers $1 Burgers, $2 Shots, and $3 Beers… not surprising. Get great deals on food and drinks while saving some money and still having a blast!


5.     Central Park!

The only thing on our list that is stereotypical sightseeing, but Central Park is a must-see place whether you are a local or a visitor. From ice skating to going on carnival rides to just taking a walk, Central Park’s breathe taking views are an essential to see.


6.     Korea Town

New York City is a hub of people from all over the world (just like Founder House). To experience these different cultures, we recommend checking out Korea Town! From getting delicious Korean barbecue to singing Karaoke, Korea Town attracts tourists and locals alike for its amazing food and activities. The streets are lined with Korean cosmetic stores, bakeries, and restaurants; it’s never a dull time in Korea Town.

7.     Pizza!!

You can’t complete a NYC trip without at least trying a slice of their famous pizza. Although any dollar slice pizza will do, you have to visit the infamous Joe’s pizza in West Village where movies like Spiderman were filmed. Their walls are lined with pictures of celebrities who’ve eaten at Joe’s and once you try a slice of their pizza, you’ll realize why!

Moving in to Your New Home

Moving Can Be Tough

Deciding to move to a new city can be a difficult decision. One that comes with many stressful questions: should you cart your furniture across state lines, will I be able to afford my own apartment, how will I meet new people?

On top of this, if you move into a new apartment, you’ll have to deal with the headaches of utility bills, dealing with the internet provider - all things that can lead to big headaches.

Making the decision to move into Founder House takes away all of those unnecessary worries and provides you with a simple application and move-in process.

“The process was really smooth” -- Emily

“I would say tyour entire on-boarding process is simple for the tenants. Every step of the way is seamless and mindfully informative.” -- Anthony

Your New Home is Ready to Go

You don’t have to worry about furnishing a room, buying curtains, dishes, or anything! Just bring your suitcase and a pillow and we’ll provide the rest. After a long flight or a trip across town on the subway, you’ll get to make yourself at home in your fully equipped bedroom. Unpack your things, sign onto our wifi network and you’re ready to go!

Screenshot 2016-12-12 21.29.02.png

“The things that I brought: a suitcase full of clothes, my laptop and not much else!” -- Fabio

“Things to bring that made it easy: as little as possible.” -- Emily

“You really just need yourself, clothes, and ideas upon move in!” -- Anthony

All the Comforts of Home

Besides providing all of the furniture, we provide the sustenance to keep you going. Perk up by sharing a pot of coffee in the kitchen. Or, make some conversation while get your daily dose of vitamin C by eating some of the fresh fruit provided as a perk of being a part of Founder House.
Feel like checking out the neighborhood? Our homes are located in areas close to parks and business with plenty to do and see, but we are also close to public transportation -- making it easy for you to get around NYC.


“The things that made it easy : the awesome house managers, the furnished rooms and common areas.” -- Fabio, 

“I love being a few steps away from the subway station.” --Fabio

Forging Friendships

One of the toughest parts about moving can be leaving behind your friends and family. At Founder House, you’ll instantly become part of a welcoming community of friends. We have common areas in all of our homes where people socialize and collaborate on ideas.


In addition, each of our homes has a House Leader who keeps the house running smoothly and organizes weekly events for the house to keep you fed, entertained, and connected. Every Friday we get together for a happy hour event that sometimes turns into karaoke night at our Manhattan location or might make a twist into a puzzle night at our Bed-Stuy location. Any direction that evening turns, one thing is the same: we end up spend time with some great people!

Whether you’re looking for someone to brunch with, a partner to catch the latest flick, or just some friends who are willing to stay up all night working with you, our houses are filled with awesome members waiting to welcome you.

“it’s like a couple steps away from being a utopian society” -- Anthony

“How welcoming everyone was! People helped me carry stuff up the stairs when I moved in and immediately made me feel like a part of the community.” -- Emily

A Few Founder House Members

Our members come from all walks of life and all over the world!  


Where are you from?


What do you do?
[I’m] a Software Engineer at, expert in Java, and a little bit of JS

What’s one thing that you enjoy doing when not at work?

Play soccer

Why do you like working at your company or doing what you do?

Learning new technologies, and I love the culture there

What do you want to do with your future?

I wanna learn as much as I can, so that one day I can have my own business back home, that will help the people there


Where are you from?

Nashville, Tennessee!

What do you do?

I’m a technology analyst at JP Morgan

What’s one thing that you enjoy doing when not at work?

I love meeting new people, cooking, and staying physically active

Why do you like working at your company or doing what you do?

I love my work because of the diversity of people and the tech perspective of the financial services industry

What do you want to do with your future?

I want to meet a ton of people, enjoy my life, and positively contribute to society through exploring different pathways of public service both in and out of corporate America!


Where are you from?


What do you do?

I am a “Frontend Engineering Ninja” at a fin-tech startup called Hedgeable. We are a robo advisor which basically means that we are a digital platform where people can invest their money. We give everyday people access to sophisticated investing strategies/technology that are usually only available to very wealthy people. I program mostly in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

What’s one thing that you enjoy doing when not at work?

When not at work I really enjoy chilling — that includes watching TV shows and movies, eating, and hanging with people at Founder House, among other things. I also enjoy working on side programming projects in my free time, which I have found often relate to a hobby of mind: swimming.

Why do you like working at your company or doing what you do?

I enjoy working at Hedgeable for many reasons. One is that we are still small and I am an early engineer on the team. This allows me to have a large impact on the company and how the platform functions. I am also constantly learning new technologies while on the job which is very exciting to me as well. It is a great environment to expand my engineering skills beyond what I already know. Also, the work environment is great. We have a very close-knit team and it is a fun place to work. We have a good balance of being laid back but being professional as well.

What do you want to do with your future?

For the future, I hope to be with Hedgeable for a while to come. I also want to expand my programming knowledge and possibly dabble in mobile development. I would also like to deploy some side project apps that are successful and that people enjoy using.


Where are you from?

New York!

What do you do?

I am a software engineer at Viacom! Right now I’m an Android engineer on the Play Plex team and the Chromecast receiver developer for all of Viacom’s brands.

What’s one thing that you enjoy doing when not at work?

When I’m not at work, I love making music — I’m a percussionist in the Brooklyn Wind Symphony. Music is my passion and I’ve played in school and community bands all my life.

Why do you like working at your company or doing what you do?

I love the company I work at because the environment is, for a developer, a recipe for success — creativity is encouraged and innovation is rewarded. I work with brands like MTV and Nickelodeon that have such a huge influence on our culture and its so inspiring to be a part of it. I love being a developer because I love solving problems and building things, and I get to do both of those every single day.

What do you want to do with your future?

I have no idea what the future holds for me! I get restless staying in one place for too long so I have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing. All I know is that I want to change the world, and I feel like I’m getting there one tiny step at a time.


Where are you from?


What do you do?

Software engineer at Better Mortgage

What’s one thing that you enjoy doing when not at work?

Playing chess

Why do you like working at your company or doing what you do?

Great sense of ownership over problems and awesome team to work with and learn from.

What do you want to do with your future?

Planning to grow with the startup. Its been exciting to see the company grow and take on more people and capital with each round of funding. Hope to learn what it takes to scale a startup by being part of it.



Home Sweet Marcy

Our Family in Bedford-Stuyvesant

Imagine your friends and extended family all in one house, but instead of working on solving family problems, your "family" (or housemates) are working on coding challenges, crazy marketing ideas, new career advancements, cooking new creations, and developing a deep understanding for one another. This, in a nutshell, is the culture at Marcy House. Marcy House was opened as the second Founder House location and is located in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Fostering Cultural Understanding

The people who live in Marcy House come from all over. People coming from the East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West, and from other countries like Canada, India, Germany, and Egypt are all together under one roof. This diversity brings with it a lot of perks: we get to share stories of our homes, recipes, points-of-views, and a new understanding which adds a richness to the Marcy House experience.


Pursuing Your Passions

Entrepreneurial ventures, software development, furthering your education in school: these are just some of the things that have brought our residents to Marcy House. Some people have been in New York for only a few months while other residents have been in the city for over 10 years. Yet, the desire to find opportunity and make close connections is universal, no matter how long they’ve been living in this town.

Love Makes a House a Home

Marcy House is more than just a place to lay your weary head. The love that we have for our work and respect that we have for each other makes our house a home. Our community is described as being ‘one big family’ by current resident Ahmed Hamouda. While the stakes can get high at some of our house poker nights, resident Canadian Brendan Whiting will tell you that the atmosphere is always ‘friendly’! Between the planned events like happy hour and goals night, or family dinner on Sunday, our residents find plenty of time to work, create, and collaborate on passion projects in our shared spaces.

Let the Good Times Roll

Marcy House residents spend time together inside and outside of the townhouse. They have been known to go to escape rooms, improv shows, movies, to the park to play frisbee, workout classes, and dinners. In our house, there’s always a willing participant ready to join you in a new adventure.

Founder House Profile:


Chief Crazy Officer, Crazies and Co.


I heard through a friend of a friend... I was looking for entrepreneurs who want to change the world, and the idea of Founder House and living with entrepreneurial people sounded awesome...


I have traveled to about 89 cities around the world. I’ve worked in 30 cities around the world. It changed everything in me and taught me about humans. The major idea is that humans are the same. Whatever country they are in, position: humans are the same. We have the same feelings, same understanding of things. It’s liberating feeling that I can live anywhere and can know people well. I reached this after traveling and it makes me feel more comfortable. I treat everyone as family. We’re all the same.


My focus right now is my newest company. People are scared of ideas and scared to pursue them. Crazies and Company is about accepting their craziness. Don’t be afraid to try ideas. There’s a thin line between genius and crazy. If you don’t try crazy, you won’t ever get to genius.

We’re an incubator that invests $10,000 - $20,000 in ideas. I have 8 co-founders right now. We find people who have crazy ideas - who want to make an impact on culture and make a difference. We fund their crowdfunding campaigns, build the video, marketing, and PR and if we feel it’s something that’s attracting people’s attention and imagination, we invest heavily; if not, we try again with another crazy idea.


I dropped out first year in college and started my own agency. I was always an entrepreneur. Selling chocolates and candy all through school. It got me into a lot of trouble, but I love the freedom. Love the social impact. It’s a mindset. Sometime’s you’re just born with it - a fire inside you to change things.


I’ve built around 13 companies by now. Every year we have one big project - huge - something I’m passionate about. Something I want to see make a change in the world. But, every month, I do stuff that makes me have fun. And that’s my message with Crazies and Co. If you don’t have fun with what you’re doing, you’re doing something wrong. Entrepreneurship is fun! My first project was an agency. I have other companies that are in export / import and real estate. I have some dealings with perfumes, a garment business, and two restaurants.


The AI T-shirt. There is a visually impaired person, who for about 25 years had never been late, ever. I was fascinated by the fact and said “how the hell do you do that???” We had a conversation and I realized that his life is difficult. He had a guide dog, but people kept petting it and he had lots of problem. I realized that tech can solve this problem. It was crazy enough to tackle. So, we created a t-shirt with a pocket in the middle. You put your phone inside the pocket and Siri (or another AI assistant) tells you what’s going on around you. So, if two people are smiling in front of you, Siri will say that there are two people smiling in front of you. We have 35 AI startups so far who are helping us build that app. We’re launching soon (hopefully the end of October). There’s going to be an app and any visually impaired person can use it and listen to what’s going on around them.


My network is everything - all my relationships, including the media. Without my network, there would be no Crazies and Co. With my network, I can build a company and encourage people to be themselves..


It’s a must! It’s all about having an impact and solving problems. It’s your responsibility with your community! Stalling or saving enough money first is the wrong idea. Entrepreneurial life is the easy way to gain freedom. If you’re delaying it, it’s a mistake. Jump into it head first.


Well, I love it. Coming back to people who are working encourages you to work. I also get to brainstorm with people who have different perspectives.


Making an impact. The idea that I can own it and personally do something about a problem. That’s what I live for. I’ve never done anything in my life that I’m not passionate about. If I see a problem, and can fix it, as a human I have an obligation to try to fix it.


Entrepreneurship. Making an impact. Seeing a smile resulted from my work is what really motivates me.


1. Family & friends.

2. Entrepreneurial life.

3. The freedom to explore new ideas - if you stop me from doing the crazy shit that I do, I’ll be dead in a day.


1. The right mindset - are you having fun, helping someone, changing lives?

2. Perseverance

3. Playfulness - have the ability to pivot, listen to the market. If you’re not feeling happy about it, change! Be able to stop tomorrow or change on a dime.


It’s gotta be Founder House (BedStuy location)! But, I love Dubai - it’s where I lived. In my opinion it’s very safe and easy living. I love London. Though, the most beautiful place that I’ve been is Chamonix in the Alps, very close to the Mont Blanc. A very beautiful village - very secret. It’s Heaven on earth.


“Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets” - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Entrepreneurship is about randomness. That book taught me that luck is a big factor in everything. What really matters is launching and to keep trying.


KB, her dedication and care to the smallest detail is amazing, she puts her heart into it, which is very admirable. Also, David Sun. The idea that he has an empire that he built on his own and we’re sleeping in the same bunk bed.


The challenge is the fun of it. If it’s not challenging, it’s not fun. If you have the right mindset, nothing is challenging. If it’s easy, then what’s the fun?


I’m fast. I don’t think a lot. I do more than I think. I always follow the results of the market. I don’t waste time in studying. I do first. I get feedback. Based on feedback, I do other things. I stay realistic. I listen to the market.


KB. She would organize everything and I could live in it. All the animals would organized. The monkeys bringing us bananas. It would be the most organized island in the world!


Awesome. Super awesome. Super duper awesome.


I love magic. I know a lot of tricks. I used to do them, but have stopped recently.


30 years. Whoa! I don’t know where I am in a day. I decide fast, change fast. I don’t have long-term plans. I have a goal that, in whatever situation I am, I’m alway experimenting with new stuff. The day that I start not-inventing will be the last day of my life.


That’s difficult. Now, here, I do things at the wrong time. I’m still running on agency time. I usually start the day by a visiting my team at our coworking place and brainstorming ideas. We catch up on projects. Plan. Have a lot of fun! I spend about 8 hours there.  Usually by 6pm I do my best to visit a couple of events,  “hunting events”, where I find my cofounders [for Crazies and Co.]. Then I come back to FH and find a lot of people working and bother them. I stop them from what they’re doing and ask them about ideas; “what do you think of that?” After I’ve bothered enough people, I finish work, catch up on calls on other side of world. Then I sleep. Sometimes I sleep 1 full day and then don’t sleep for 2 full days. It happens about twice a week. It works! I don’t like interrupting the flow [of my work]. That’s an indication that I’m passionate about what I do. I don’t sleep. I don’t care about food. I’m so focused that I’m doing it all night.


“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." - Albert EInstein


My plan is to build something. With someone. I’m still looking to find that someone at Founder House. I think business and entrepreneurship is about relationships and less about ideas. It takes time to build relationships and trust. That’s why FH is a great idea. Living and sleeping together makes it easier to trust and know each other. It’s the perfect way to build a relationship.


Looking for entrepreneurs with problems. If you have  a crazy idea, feel free to approach me! Let’s start something crazy!


The Comforts of Home in Our Coliving Community

Providing the comforts of home is a priority at Founder House. We want to make your transition to our coliving community as seamless as possible by providing all of the things that you need to feel comfortable where you live. We provide more than a place to sleep; we provide a home with a purpose.

We make it a priority to provide everything that you need in a home to make your life easier:

  • Fresh fruit

  • Washing and drying machines
  • Laundry detergent
  • Sheets for your bed
  • Memory foam mattresses for your sleep comfort
  • Paper products such as toilet paper and paper towels
  • Hand soap, dish soap
  • Kitchen essentials like coffee, tea, oil, and cooking spices
  • Weekly family dinners
  • Weekly game nights, goal sessions & snacks
  • Weekly happy hours
  • Speaker events
  • Special events for the holidays
  • Rent includes all of the perks listed above as well as all utilities, multiple internet networks, access to Netflix, HBO, and movies on Amazon Prime

Just Bring Yourself and Your Willingness to Be Part of an Amazing Community

While this type of living is great for most people , it’s perfect for people who are coming from other cities and international locations. In fact, over 15 countries are represented by the Founder House community!

This is a Home with a Purpose

Our community is not just a place to lay your head, but a purposeful space to create networks and new relationships through common work spaces, communal events, and networking opportunities. If you are a member of our community, it is because we believe you — your talents, your skills, and your character. We believe that you have something valuable to give of yourself to help further strengthen our community. Additionally, you should take advantage of being in a house full of interesting people. We have multiple common areas in each of our houses designed for natural interactions and facilitating relationships.

While you’re having your morning cup of coffee, ask about your housemate’s latest adventure or discuss recent events. Make use of the many workspaces and whiteboards to plan out your next big enterprise or to solve a coding problem with your housemates. In addition to these tools, the Founder House community uses Slack to send out announcements, job postings, house information, and invites to impromptu outings. Through this open forum for communication, members can always find new opportunities and exciting things to do. 

Never a Dull Moment

From family dinners on Sundays, to board games and karaoke, to house founders and guest speakers sharing their entrepreneurial stories, members get to enjoy an all inclusive event-centric community.

“Happy hours that segued into board game nights and the puppy party of course!” — Salonee
“Watching Frozen and grilling chicken outside during the blizzard.” Adam
“Cooking and playing super smash brothers and board games all night” —William
“Singing Brother Jacob in canon and in multiple languages on a Saturday night" —Quynh

A resounding message from our community is that their favorite part of Founder House is the “homeliness of the houses and friendliness of the people”.

Your Happiness is our Happiness

Founder House is committed to making ever resident happy. We have house-leaders who live in each home. Their job is to run the day-to-day happenings in the house and to help facilitate quality events. We send out monthly surveys to check in on your experience and to see how we can improve. Whether moderating a speaker session, flipping burgers at a cookout, or just joining in on a goals discussion, the entire Founder House team is dedicated to making your experience in the community a valuable one.